The comfort, safety, and well-being of your little ones is our top priority. Please carefully read the following information.

Multiuse Covers/Car Seat Covers

You should never leave your baby covered for more than just brief periods of time. Our covers are intended to cover your baby only for brief periods of time, such as when you are nursing or transporting your baby to and from the car on a chilly day. There is a great article on that discusses the importance of being smart about covering up your baby, especially in hot environments. Do not leave your child covered unattended, and be sure to remove the cover from your car seat before putting your baby in the car.

Swaddle Blankets

Care should be used when swaddling your baby. Never place your baby on his or her side or stomach after swaddling. Do not swaddle your baby for sleeping after your baby is old enough to roll around during sleep.

Fully Tested

We had our materials tested at a national laboratory to ensure they are safe to be against infants' sensitive skin. Click here to learn more.

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